About "A Perfect Planet" with Province V

 Are you passionate about the Earth?  The Creation Care Networks of Province V and IV are joining together to offer a discussion of "A Perfect Planet" by Sir David Attenborough on Tuesday, January 26 at 6:00 p.m. EST.  This five-part series is available through Discovery+.  This series is highly recommended by the network members who have already seen it.  Please watch available episodes (not all 5 are available through Discovery+) before the evening of the discussion event and bring your thoughts and questions to the group that gathers.

We invite you to attend even if you were unable to watch.  You might be able to view through BBC America, if your cable company is connected. Otherwise, we do understand that not everyone has access to streaming or the $5 to purchase Discovery+ for a month.  We hope that you’ll come along to hear some of the details about the show and the things that people learned by watching.

You can check out an article about this series.

You can watch a message From Sir David Attenborough.

Googling in YouTube provided a wide range of information about this series and the work that Attenborough has done previously or as promotion for the release of this series.  All of those might provide some additional information.

Questions to consider as you view:

-       What surprised you?

-       What did you already know?

-       What is a new piece of information?

-       What are the implications for your life or ministry because you watched ?

Registration is required.  A reminder email will be sent out the day of the event. 


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